Commercial Auto

Providing commercial auto insurance across classes and specialties.
Trucks on highway

Commercial auto insurance is a $46.8 billion dollar industry - and it's not done growing.

From 18-wheelers, to waste haulers, tankers, delivery vehicles and almost everything in between, we are your go-to solution for commercial auto products and programs.  With all the complexities surrounding commercial auto, you don't want just anyone writing your coverage - you want experts who are specially trained in the nuances of the industry niches they support. Several of our Underwriting operating companies specialize in wheels business. Keep reading to learn more about their areas of expertise.

Amwins Program Underwriters programs

Amwins National Transportation Underwriters products and programs 

Draco Insurance Solutions (Draco) programs 

  • Paratransit - Designed for non-emergency medical transportation risks.
  • Taxicabs - Designed for taxicabs, including owner-operators and fleets with less than eight passenger seats.

Trinity Underwriting Managers (TUMI) programs 

  • Cargo & Physical Damage - Designed for local, intermediate and long-haul trucking companies requiring cargo and physical damage coverage.
  • Dump Trucks - Designed for trucking professionals with dump and roll-off fleets ranging from 1-75 power units.
  • Intermodal Transportation - An exclusive, package program serving intermodal transportation risks involved on either a drayage or over the road basis.
  • Repossession - Designed for professional repossession contractors who work with banks, credit unions and other reputable lending institutions.
  • Towing - A package program for professional, for-hire tow companies that also engage in approved ancillary operations.