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As the nation's largest wholesale broker, our specialized expertise is yours to tap into — from unparalleled market access to value-added resources and intel.

Expertise. Marketplace clout.
Unparalleled resources.
That's the Amwins advantage.

As a retailer, you're responsible for navigating changing landscapes, regardless of your client's industry or coverage needs. At Amwins, we know the weight of these constant shifts in market conditions makes placing specialty insurance feel like an uphill battle. But you don't have to go it alone. Amwins Brokerage is adept at navigating these intricacies. Bring us your difficult placements — your complex, layered and niche accounts across all lines.

Our Brokerage divisions includes more than 425 teams nationwide. Through specialty practice groups, our brokers are constantly collaborating, sharing knowledge and solutions across teams and divisions. That means when you work with an Amwins broker, you have the combined expertise of our entire firm driving your success.

With the largest specialty insurance distribution platform in the industry, we stay on top of market conditions and trends to keep our retailers ahead of the game. The result? The value-added resources, market relationships, and solutions to get tough deals done.

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CAT modeling + risk control resources

Our in-house team of actuaries licenses cutting-edge software to deliver catastrophe risk data analysis and the most accurate pricing possible.

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Proprietary product development

Combining our product expertise, market clout and in-house facilities, we develop exclusive products that support the evolving needs of our clients and their insureds.

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Data + analytics

By analyzing data from thousands of Amwins-placed accounts, we bring our clients valuable insight through tools such as benchmarking reports and price trends.

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largest wholesale broker in the U.S.


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Case Study

Collaboration and market leverage for the win.

With less than three days to bind, a retailer with a large wood-frame podium project account on the Tampa Bay came to Amwins in need of builder’s risk coverage. The competitor’s quote had room for improvement in pricing, terms and conditions. Utilizing our exclusive property capacity, we were able to negotiate a very competitive $10M primary layer the next day.

When reviewing the account, it came to light that the competitor had only quoted 10% of the flood coverage required, set the expiration date two months shy of the term needed, and had a deductible twice the amount the insured could carry. We determined with the retailer that the best approach was to completely restructure the program.

In the end, we were able to secure $50M in primary with the flood limits, water damage deductible and expiration date the insured needed. For the excess layer, Amwins Bermuda called on a long-standing relationship with a Bermuda market to achieve the terms and limits needed at a competitive price.

Amwins’ teamwork, leverage in the marketplace and proprietary products allowed us to place this risk in just over 48 hours with substantial premium savings and enhancements to coverage.