We navigate the complexities and nuances of the stop-loss insurance industry to find and deliver medical and ancillary products for your self-funded clients. GB Self Funded Hero Image

Bringing unrivaled expertise and strong market relationships to your clients.

You need stop-loss expertise, centralized and simplified processes, and greater market reach to deliver value to your clients. Stealth, an Amwins Company, acts as your preferred medical stop loss partner, providing placements and a robust slate of value-added services. With more than 150 years of collective experience in stop-loss and self-funding, Stealth delivers best-in-class services.

We partner exclusively with brokers, consultants and third-party administrators to negotiate, implement and assist in managing medical stop loss and ancillary benefits with the nation's top carriers. When you work with us for self-funded services, you immediately gain access to our expansive market relationships, industry-leading expertise and programs. From actuarial analytical support to claims filing, we're dedicated to seamlessly managing complex stop loss and ancillary benefits — so you can continue to help your clients grow their businesses.

Backed by Amwins' market firepower, Stealth taps into a flexible, focused and relationship-driven business model built around attentive and experienced team members, robust solutions, unmatched connections and flexible, world-class service.

We do more than keep up with the industry standard — we set it.

Stop-loss + ancillary services

Effective carrier negotiations

We work directly with a diverse group of best-in-class carriers, leveraging relationships and a proven negotiating platform to deliver competitive results.

Benefits and contract comparison

During initial marketing phases, we thoroughly review inforce benefits to ensure all plans are matched appropriately without coverage gaps.

Disclosure management

We understand the nuances and complexities of detailed data gathering and disclosure, safeguarding you in a litigious and information-sensitive environment.

Compliance oversight

We monitor stop-loss compliance and coverage changes to keep you ahead of potential risks.

Carrier partner management

We maintain trusted, favorable relationships with our key carrier partners — enabling you to leverage our deep connections for a competitive advantage.

Stop-loss claims management

We facilitate and aggregate stop loss claims, thoroughly reviewing submissions that end with expedited, accurate reimbursements.

Premium and commission administration

Our in-house premium department provides safe, complete premium and commission processing.

Account management

From contract analysis to billing reconciliation, Stealth provides the day-to-day and benefits administration support that our producers request.

Flexible approach

Our customer-service focused approach allows us to tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of our producers and forge long-term partnerships.

Access To More

Access to other benefits solutions for your clients through a single relationship

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Ancillary Benefits

Stealth Partner Group can assist you in offering competitively priced and feature rich benefits from the industry's top tier carriers.

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Claims Services

As a fully licensed and bonded TPA, we directly assist you and your clients with managing the complexities of individual claims from the time of implementation through to reimbursement.

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Proprietary actuarial support

Leverage calibrated, customized analytics to quantify the average risk exposure for self-funding and other early-stage evaluations, including potential risks and opportunities.





premium placements


employer groups

Case Study

$2M advanced claims payment. A case where relationships made the difference.

One of our members found themselves in a critical situation where a child needed hospitalization in a highly specialized facility costing over $2.5M annually.  This put them in a position requiring them to pay the claim up front, getting reimbursed at a later date, and eventually leaving them in a dire financial situation.

Stealth contacted the stop loss carrier about advancing the funds to the insured prior to paying the claim. We gathered necessary information from one of our competitors, who we have an ongoing collegial working relationship with, and then filed the reimbursement claim. Within 5 days, the carrier wired $2M to our member organization, protecting them from having to fund the claim alone. Relationships play an extremely important role in the word of insurance. None of this would have been possible without the strong relationships Stealth has built through the years.

“We consider Stealth an all-encompassing resource made up of thinkers, strategists, and partners.”