Amwins DNA

We call our comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of data and analytics capabilities Amwins DNA. That’s because data and analytics are so much a part of who we are and how we bring our resources together to help you win.

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The industry’s most in-depth collection of E&S insurance information.

While the Amwins DNA brand is new, the approach is not. It is foundational to how Amwins supports our industry-leading broker and underwriter teams, our retail clients, and our market partners.


Data only matters if it helps you win. Amwins DNA powers us to:

  • Ensure we find the best solutions for our clients and their insureds
  • Understand the risk appetite of our market partners for better placement decisions
  • Build capacity and create new and exclusive products and programs
  • Provide client deliverables, such as coverage benchmarking, equipping our clients with knowledge and tools that their insureds will value
  • Efficiently identify expertise within our firm regarding tough classes of business to match market underwriting appetites within the Amwins platform

And we aren’t anywhere close to finished! We view Amwins DNA as ever evolving to better serve our brokers and underwriters, as well as our clients, their insureds, and our market partners. 

More About Amwins DNA

Chris Gill, executive vice president, shares with Insurance Business TV how Amwins DNA provides value to our retail clients and carrier partners.


Experience the Amwins DNA difference.

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