Dump Trucks

An insurance program for trucking professionals with dump and roll-off fleets ranging from 1-75 power units.
dump trucks

Whether navigating off-road or driving onto construction sites, we help protect your clients no matter the terrain.

As construction activity climbs higher, particularly in residential construction, demand for Dump Truck services is expected to grow.  Additionally, over the next five years, government funding for highways and other infrastructure related projects is anticipated to rise substantially, increasing demand for dump truck industry services and operators. 

With decades of experience in the Commercial Auto Transportation industry, our team of niche transportation experts has a deep understanding of the unique operations and needs of this class of business, helping you create customized risk management solutions for your clients.

TUMI, part of the Amwins Underwriting division, offers a package program for professional truckers that haul sand, gravel, and other aggregate materials.
Roll-off containers that transport 
construction debris can also be considered.  We understand how the impact of an unexpected crisis can have devastating effects on your insureds’ business.  Our specialists focus on product knowledge, precision, expediency and trust, allowing trucking operators to focus on what they do best – managing their people, building their business, and transporting goods across the country.

Eligible accounts

  • Trucking professionals engaged in transporting sand, gravel, and other aggregate materials as well as those hauling roll-off containers for construction debris
  • Fleets ranging from 1 to 75 power units
  • Some restrictions on older power units

Ineligible accounts

  • New ventures

Coverage & limits

  • Auto liability - $1M
  • General liability - $1M
  • Physical damage on a stated amount basis
  • Deductible options available
  • Excess limits available

Additional program highlights

  • Underwriters provide a fast turnaround on quotes
  • Dedicated and highly experienced claims management team
  • Forward-facing cameras are provided for all insureds
  • Telematics solution is available to insureds

Dump Trucks
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The program is available in most states


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