Pizza & Restaurant Delivery

Tailored insurance coverage for pizza and restaurant operations offering delivery services.

Food delivery industry growth provides a recipe for success.  Collaboration is our secret sauce.

Restaurant delivery has grown 20% in the last five years and is expected to reach 40% of total restaurant sales by 2023.  Partner with our team of specialists to deliver niche expertise and creative solutions to your insureds.

Given the recent restrictions placed on frequenting restaurants, many restaurant owners are resorting to expanded delivery options.  Driver-sales workers rank 7th on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' list of most dangerous jobs.  Compared to other delivery businesses, drivers are in a race for time, trying to get the meals delivered while still hot.  Drivers who are rushing to earn a tip may not always be the safest drivers, which creates liability concerns for your clients and business owners.

Amwins Program Underwriters' Pizza & Restaurant Delivery insurance program provides hired and non-owned auto liability coverage for pizza and restaurant establishments that offer food delivery services.  We understand the market, and we’re devoted to your success.

Monoline HNOA liability coverage

Eligible accounts

  • Any type of restaurant that offers food delivery
  • 30 locations or less


This coverage is available in all U.S. states, except LA

Pizza & Restaurant Delivery
Program details


  • Primary HNOA limits of up to $5M
  • Defense costs are outside the limit


A.M. Best Rated "A++"

Submission requirements

  • Completed industry standard applications
  • Pizza & RD (Monoline HNOA) supplemental application
  • Currently-valued loss information for lines to be quoted (current year and four prior years)
  • Current drivers list
  • Current MVRs for all owners, managers and drivers (random sample approach used on larger accounts)

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