A dedicated insurance solution offering animal mortality, disease, and transit coverage for several types of livestock-related risks.

Animal husbandry is big business, and raising livestock can be risky. Our team is a breed apart.

The animal agriculture industry is widespread across the U.S., and farmers operating in the world of livestock ownership and management play an essential role in our country’s economic development.

Even in the best-run livestock operations, farmers and ranch owners know unanticipated danger lurks around every corner of the barn and pasture. We understand livestock are important and valuable investments, and protecting your insureds against sudden loss helps keep farms and ranches running smoothly. 

The Equisure team (part of the Amwins Underwriting division) has been underwriting this specialty risk for more than 30 years, and we possess a deep knowledge of the agricultural marketplace.  And, because we act as an extension of your team, we’re genuinely committed to delivering tailored underwriting programs that exceed your expectations, no matter how complex the situation.

Program highlights

  • Our specialist underwriters have years of combined underwriting experience giving knowledge and expertise to provide a solution that works for clients
  • The dedicated claims team knows these types of risks and works quickly to resolve claims in a timely and efficient manner
  • Various limits (dependent on the carrier)

Eligible types of animals

  • Dairy farms, beef feedlots
  • Cattle, sheep, llamas, zorses, etc.
  • Poultry and swine operations
  • Zoos, aquariums, and safari parks
    -  Giant pandas, penguins, dolphins, exotic fish, etc.
  • Canines/working dogs
  • Grazing cattle
  • Genetic facilities; embryos and semen storage and transport
  • Livestock auction markets or packers
  • High-valued individual animals for breeding or showing
  • Transit of livestock by air, sea, or road


    • All risks of mortality which include accident, sickness or diseases, and humane destruction (ARM)
    • Specified perils of fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, etc. (SP)
    • Disease coverage, including natural death, government, and economic slaughter
    • Business interruption and balance sheet protection from ARM, SP, or Disease
    • Theft
    • Transit

    Coverage Extensions include

    • Theft
    • Removal
    • Deliberate destruction
    • Straying and escape
    • Mitigation expenses
    • Recovery expense
    • Freight charges

    Optional Endorsements include

    • Carcass removal coverage extension
    • Substitution of vehicle coverage extension
    • Value added livestock 
    • Coverage after transit
    • Coverage after transit – listed causes of loss
    • Deck collapse
    • Covered points of shipment
    • Refusal of shipment coverage
    • Coverage extension – outbound transit
    • Your property on your vehicles
    • Contaminated water/feed
    • Power interruption and equipment breakdown

    Submission requirements

    • Carrier-specific application
    • Justification of Value documentation
    • Veterinary Certificates of Examination may be required (depending on value)



    Livestock Program details


    • All U.S. states
    • Worldwide coverage/territory extension may be available 

    Minimum premium




    Various (dependent on the carrier)



    • A.M. Best Rated "A+" (admitted)
    • A.M. Best Rated "A-" (non-admitted)

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