Animal Mortality

An insurance program designed to protect against the loss or theft of horses and domesticated animals.

Protecting horse and dog enthusiasts for more than 30 years, we understand the passion and sport of your customers.

Horse and dog owners who are show competitors consider their animals as part of the family.  We understand they’re also valuable investments that need protection – often representing a critical piece of the business operation.  Our team of experts are well known in the industry as trusted providers of specialty insurance products geared toward protecting owners, showers, associations and their affiliates from loss as a result of a covered accident, injury, illness, or disease, while also providing coverage for theft.

For the last three decades, Equisure (part of the Amwins Underwriting division) has developed specialty insurance coverage for horse and dog owners alike.  From stables and kennels to big show arenas, we have your clients covered every step of the way.  Our unique understanding of this specialty class helps you provide resources designed specifically for your clients’ needs, giving them peace of mind and time to focus on managing their daily business ventures.

Program highlights

  • $5,000 Emergency Colic Surgery Endorsement included at no additional premium
  • Multiple Major Medical/Veterinary Services limit options
  • Transit coverage for imported horses

Eligible types of animals

  • Horses (including mules and miniature horses) 

Ineligible types of animals

  • Horses over 17 years of age
  • Horses valued under $2,500


  • Mortality (including theft) 
  • Major medical/veterinary services
  • Emergency colic surgery
  • Loss of use 

Submission requirements

  • Carrier-specific application
  • Justification of Value documentation
  • Veterinary Certificates of Examination may be required (depending on value)



Animal Mortality
Program details


  • All U.S. states
  • Worldwide/Coverage Territory Extension may be available 

Minimum premium




Various (dependent on the carrier)



  • A.M. Best Rated "A+"
  • Admitted



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