Animal Trainers

Designed to protect animal trainers from third party claims.

From paws to claws, working with pets involves a unique set of risks.  We help keep your clients protected every step of the way.

Working with pets is a big responsibility.  A recent surge in animal fostering, adoptions and purchases has been followed by a boom in consumer spending on pet products and services.

As a pet trainer, liability insurance is essential to keep lawsuits and claims from taking a bite out of business.  Accidents involving injury to participants can happen during training or clinics leading to substantial claims.  Bad circumstances leading to damaging allegations can happen to trainers who are passionate about their profession.

We’re an innovative leader in developing products unique to exposures associated with animal trainers.  For more than 30 years, Equisure (part of the Amwins Underwriting division), has created affordable coverage giving pet trainers peace of mind by protecting their passion. With extensive experience handling this type of business, we are here to help with the obstacles that this kind of risk can demand - we know dogs, shows, disciplines, breeds and more. 

Eligible types of accounts

  • Training for bomb/narcotic sniffing dogs 
  • Trainers providing Canine Good Citizen certifications
  • Obedience, confirmation, and agility training
  • Specialty training for service dogs 
  • Cadaver dog training

Ineligible types of accounts

  • Animal sales 
  • Racing (wager) operations
  • Boarding kennels
  • Overnight dog sitters 
  • Dog walkers 
  • Liability related to emotional support animals


  • Commercial general liability
  • Option to add professional liability (on an occurrence basis)
  • Liability coverage applies on and off premises
  • Fire legal liability provided at no charge - starting at $50,000
  • Medical payments of $5,000 with the option to increase
  • Care, custody, and control included in most policies
  • General liability for a trainer's therapy animal is available

Submission requirements

  • Carrier-specific application
  • Copy of release waiver used by the insured
  • Five years of loss experience if over $15,000 in premium or if there have been losses



Animal Trainers
Program details


All U.S. states 

Minimum premium




  • $500,000 per occurrence up to $2M
  • $1M aggregate up to $4M



  • A.M. Best Rated "A"
  • Non-admitted


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