Claim Contacts

Tractor trailor truck driving on highway



Amwins Transportation Underwriters strongly recommends that each individual consult with the policy to ensure that all terms and conditions are being met in the event of a claim.  All claims reporting direction should be located within the first pages of your policy, however we have compiled a list of contact points should you not have your policy on-hand.  If you are unsure of your carrier, or if your carrier is not listed below, please reach out to the underwriter associated with your account for additional assistance.



Ace /Westchester (Chubb)
Ace phone: 678.795.4000
Chubb phone: 800.252.4670
Diamond State Group
Phone: 610.660.8877, Fax: 610.660.8885
Northland Insurance
Phone: 800.328.5972, Fax: 866.248.4608
AGCS Marine
Phone: 800.558.1606, Fax: 314.513.1345
Evanston/Markel Insurance Co.
Phone: 804.273.1400  Fax: 804.273.1435
Occidental Insurance Company/IAT
Phone: 800.525.7486

National Transportation Adjusters Inc.
Phone: 480.659.5306, Fax: 480.659.5306

Falls Lake National

Phone: 877.201.4874
Fax: 800.393.8104

ARCH Hazmat Trucking Program
Phone: 855.688.2795
Freberg Environmental, Inc.
Phone: 800.377.4152 Fax: 855.999.0797
Phone: 844.209.6748
Frilot, LLC
Phone: 866.221.0095. Option 1

Phone: 800.626.8381, Fax: 317.636.8483

Phone: 800.452.6911
Online claim reporting:
Fax: 203.328.5082
Seneca Insurance Agency
Phone: 212.277.3490
The Littleton Group
Phone: 512.806.1413
Great American
Phone: 877.353.8672, Fax: 818.616.7048
Carolina Casualty Insurance Company
Phone: 904.363.0900, Fax: 904.363.8097
Hallmark Specialty
Phone: 800.677.5170
Western World (Validus/AIG)
Phone: 888.847.8600, Fax: 201.847.1780
Century Surety
Phone: 800.825.9489, Fax: 855.603.8409
National General
Phone: 800.325.1088
White Oak - PD/MTC
C&F Transportation
Phone: 888.890.1500 Fax: 877.622.6188
Phone: 800.423.7675
Phone: 888.680.8005, Fax: 402.963.5329
Deep South
Phone: 888.802.5246
NICO/National Liability & Fire Insurance Company
Phone: 402.536.3000, Fax: 402.536.3031