Claim Contacts



Amwins Transportation Underwriters strongly recommends that each individual consult with the policy to ensure that all terms and conditions are being met in the event of a claim.  All claims reporting direction should be located within the first pages of your policy, however we have compiled a list of contact points should you not have your policy on-hand.  If you are unsure of your carrier, or if your carrier is not listed below, please reach out to the underwriter associated with your account for additional assistance.



Ace /Westchester (Chubb)
Ace phone: 678.795.4000
Chubb phone: 800.252.4670
Diamond State Group
Phone: 610.660.8877, Fax: 610.660.8885
Northland Insurance
Phone: 800.328.5972, Fax: 866.248.4608
AGCS Marine
Phone: 800.558.1606, Fax: 314.513.1345
Evanston/Markel Insurance Co.
Phone: 804.273.1400  Fax: 804.273.1435
Occidental Insurance Company/IAT
Phone: 800.525.7486

National Transportation Adjusters Inc.
Phone: 480.659.5306, Fax: 480.659.5306

Falls Lake National

Phone: 877.201.4874
Fax: 800.393.8104

ARCH Hazmat Trucking Program
Phone: 855.688.2795
Freberg Environmental, Inc.
Phone: 800.377.4152 Fax: 855.999.0797
Phone: 844.209.6748
Frilot, LLC
Phone: 866.221.0095. Option 1

Phone: 800.626.8381, Fax: 317.636.8483

Phone: 800.452.6911
Online claim reporting:
Fax: 203.328.5082
Seneca Insurance Agency
Phone: 212.277.3490
The Littleton Group
Phone: 512.806.1413
Great American
Phone: 877.353.8672, Fax: 818.616.7048
Carolina Casualty Insurance Company
Phone: 904.363.0900, Fax: 904.363.8097
Hallmark Specialty
Phone: 800.677.5170
Western World (Validus/AIG)
Phone: 888.847.8600, Fax: 201.847.1780
Century Surety
Phone: 800.825.9489, Fax: 855.603.8409
National General
Phone: 800.325.1088
White Oak - PD/MTC
C&F Transportation
Phone: 888.890.1500 Fax: 877.622.6188
Phone: 800.423.7675
Phone: 888.680.8005, Fax: 402.963.5329
Deep South
Phone: 888.802.5246
NICO/National Liability & Fire Insurance Company
Phone: 402.536.3000, Fax: 402.536.3031