Specialty Classes + Emerging Risks

Technology innovation, changing demographics and legislative updates have created exposures that are not commonly insured in the standard lines market. As the nation's largest wholesaler and the largest distributor for Lloyd's, we know how and where to find coverage for your insureds on the cutting-edge.

When new risks emerge, Amwins is there. 

Emerging risks are new, unforeseen circumstances your clients haven't yet faced. And in a world that constantly evolves, so do these risks. From cryptocurrency to standardization around cannabis, there's no shortage of classes that require specialty insurance.  

Working to keep you and your clients ahead of the curve, Amwins offers a variety of coverage options for specialty classes and emerging risks. We know that the challenge in emerging risks is not about simply keeping up with new risks that emerge. Rather, it's about anticipating their impact, ensuring a proactive response that sets your clients up for success today, tomorrow and 150 years from now. 

With specialty insurance teams adept at uncovering emerging risks, Amwins has the intellectual firepower and resources to protect your clients against a world of uncertainty. 

Products and Capabilities for Specialty Classes + Emerging Risks



The regulatory landscape for cannabis is complex and constantly evolving. Amwins has specialists across the country who are well-versed in property, casualty and professional lines coverage for insureds engaged in the cannabis, hemp and CBD supply chain.

Cyber Liability

With a web of evolving threats, its easy for insureds to fall prey to cyber criminals. Amwins has the expertise and proprietary products to help retailers place the right level of cyber insurance coverage for a wide range of account sizes and complexities.


While Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins are reaching record highs in price and volume, cryptocurrency remains an extremely difficult class of business due to market volatility, claims history and regulatory concerns. The professional lines specialists at Amwins have the expertise and market relationships to help retailers navigate this challenging space.

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is a dynamic and fast-moving market. With the explosive growth of digital platforms such including Uber and Airbnb, there is tremendous opportunity. Amwins brokers have the expertise to help retailers provide customized and comprehensive coverage for your insureds in the rapidly expanding and evolving shared-services space.

Silent Cyber

Unintended coverage for cyber events has bled into other lines of insurance – prompting insurers to adopt various exclusions and changes to non-cyber policies. This issue of non-affirmative coverage is known as silent cyber. Amwins created CyberUP, the market's first insurance product designed to counteract silent cyber.

Social Engineering

Cyber criminals begun using “social engineering” techniques to manipulate employees into performing actions or sharing confidential information. To address this emerging exposure, Amwins has developed an exclusive solution that combines comprehensive coverage and industry-leading employee training.

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Data + Analytics

Standing at the crossroad of client needs and what markets offer allows us to provide unique insight to our retailers.


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Complex Claims Advocacy

From designing a proactive claims management plan to engaging on difficult and complex claims, Amwins supports you when you need us most.

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Legal counsel access

Amwins offers access to legal counsel, including advising and representation to help protect your clients' assets.



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