Silent Cyber Umbrella Policy

CyberUP is the market’s first modern cyber umbrella insurance policy designed to fill coverage gaps resulting from silent cyber incidents.
Silent Cyber

Silent cyber is the latest cyber security threat making noise across our industry. Available exclusively through Amwins and in partnership with an “A XIII” rated insurance carrier, CyberUP is designed to affirmatively protect insureds against silent cyber incidents by dropping down, not overlapping, existing policies across multiple lines of coverage.

CyberUP was named the 2021 Cyber Risk Disrupter of the Year at Advisen's Cyber Risk Awards. This award recognizes a force of change – an innovation that made a significant impact in how the cyber market approaches this evolving risk.


CyberUP / Silent Cyber Insurance Coverage Features

  • Simplifies the carrier response which expedites claims resolution and payment
  • Focused on middle market accounts
  • True umbrella form with full drop-down capabilities
  • Typically lead umbrella over primary, scheduling all “sensible” policies as underlying
  • Follow-form excess endorsement for certain functions (i.e., cybercrime matching sub-limit)
  • Only triggered by a cyber-related event
  • Limits up to $10M


Submission Requirements

  • Primary cyber application (CyberUP is first excess) and schedule of the non-cyber policies that CyberUP should follow
Cyber Umbrella Policy

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What is silent cyber?

As cyber events evolve in sophistication, scale and frequency, unintended cyber claims can bleed into other lines of insurance. These cyber risks, which insurers have neither underwritten nor charged for, can substantially increase their portfolio exposure. In response, many insurers have adopted various exclusions, sub-limits and changes to non-cyber insurance policies. 

When cyber exclusions or sub-limits are added to non-cyber policies or an exposure is specifically excluded by the primary cyber policy, the issue of non-affirmative coverage is known as silent cyber.

Until the development of CyberUP, the insurance marketplace had only responded to the issue of silent cyber by publishing whitepapers, evaluating carrier books across lines, and adding exclusions or sublimits.

Is your insured at risk for silent cyber?

The simple answer is yes. Every organization is at risk for a cyber-attack. 

However, don’t take our word for it; take our simple and free self-evaluation to determine if your client’s current cyber policy might be leaving them with coverage gaps and you as their insurance agent with E&O exposure.



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