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Amwins Q1 2022 Pricing Guidance for Key Industries

Since our last State of the Market report, many industries and lines of business have seen changes to pricing, capacity and terms. While we don’t yet have a wrap on 2021, we believe such a quickly evolving marketplace merits a brief update to our forecast.

The market continues to respond to the changing business landscape and as COVID lingers, supply chains struggle, and legislation necessitates adjustments for many industries, insureds will see pockets of the current hard market continue throughout First Quarter 2022.

At Amwins, our mission is to provide value to our clients regardless of the market environment. Our expert specialists have compiled this unique market perspective to ensure our retail partners are prepared to advise insureds on what they can expect to see in the coming months.  

No matter what the future brings, Amwins is ready for it. Now you are, too. 



* The rate percentages included in this guidance are general estimates based on average rate increases in the marketplace. Individual accounts may receive rate quotes outside of these ranges as underwriters take into consideration geographic region, venue, loss history and the specific risk exposures of individual businesses.

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