Q1 2023

State of the Market

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State Of The Market


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As we begin our journey into 2023, the insurance marketplace can be likened to a roller coaster – with twists and turns, upward momentum, and steep drops. On one hand, we’ve seen some strong underwriting results from carriers leading to softening in some market segments. On the other hand, we’re experiencing some of the hardest market conditions we’ve faced in decades for other segments. And that makes a report like this challenging to publish because it’s a snapshot of a marketplace where, for some segments, we could update it weekly, if not daily.

So, the most important message of this report isn’t a market prediction—it’s a promise to our clients. The promise that the specialists at Amwins remain focused on helping you deliver the best products the market can offer—no matter what the current state of the market might be. Through our deep industry knowledge, creative problem solving, access to exclusive products, and value-added tools and data, we are always ready to help you navigate the challenges and inevitable changes that lie ahead.

In this State of the Market report, specialists across all Amwins divisions dive into factors affecting market conditions and share intelligence spanning rate, capacity and coverage trends across numerous lines of business and industries in the U.S. as well as in London (European markets) and Bermuda.

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