State of the Market

2019 was unlike any other that I have ever seen. In my 30 years in the industry, we have experienced hard markets as a result of specific events, but the impact was often felt either geographically or in specific lines of business.  We have never gone through such a broad reaching change to the market. This market shift has affected carrier appetites, attachment and limits in a broader fashion than I have ever faced before. As expected, the start of 2020 is no different, and these market dynamics could stay with us for the foreseeable future

Our first quarter State of the Market report continues to track what is driving this change and highlights challenges we may face through the first half of the year. Our report leverages the expertise of our team and puts actionable information at your fingertips. Sharing our insights provides our clients and partners with a better understanding of market conditions, the trends that are developing and the solutions we are focused on delivering. 

We anticipate 2020 will continue to challenge us on a broad basis, but as the largest wholesaler in the market, we believe that our brokers, tools, deep market relationships and specialty expertise give our clients the ability to support their insureds.

James Drinkwater
President, AmWINS Group

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