Q2/Q3 2021

State of the Market

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State Of The Market


Bring on the Future.

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This goes without saying, but the last two years have not been easy. In addition to the complexity of working remotely, we have experienced some of the hardest market conditions most of us have ever seen. However, the events of 2020 and 2021 have demonstrated that we work in a very resilient industry.

The market continues to be dynamic. While we have seen a deceleration in the rate environment in some areas, we are seeing dramatic increases in others. In many segments, carriers are becoming more comfortable with corrections made to capacity, pricing and terms and are therefore looking to grow.

 We continue to experience losses which are driving micro-hard markets throughout property, casualty and professional lines sectors. And, while we’re seeing portions of the economy rebound from the pandemic, and life somewhat return to what we used to call “normal,” there remain exposures that retailers and insureds should be prepared for.

In this State of the Market report, our specialists leverage their expertise and share a unique market perspective to bring you the latest market intelligence spanning rate, capacity and coverage trends across numerous lines of business and industries – both domestically and in London.

At Amwins, our goal is to add value to our clients – regardless of the market environment. We focus on helping you deliver the best product the market can provide through a specialized platform that delivers knowledge, market access and unique solutions. So, no matter what the future brings, Amwins is prepared for it and wants to ensure you are too.

Your challenges are our privilege – bring on the future. 



James Drinkwater

President, Amwins Group

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