Inland Marine - Contractor's Equipment

Admitted program focused on protecting contractor's equipment from loss due to theft or damage.
inland marine insurance

When it comes to construction projects,
time = money. 

Just one broken or missing piece of equipment could mean a lost day's work - or, worse - delays to repairing water and sewer lines that keep a city running. Without proper contractor's equipment insurance coverage, clients could find themselves stuck with a wrench in their plans. 

At Amwins Program Underwriterswe know how important it is for construction projects to run smoothly. That's why our inland marine program for contractor's equipment is written on admitted paper and each application is carefully reviewed to ensure no exposures are missed.


Target Clients

  • Logistics warehouse operations
  • Street and road contractors
  • Building contractors (residential + commercial)
  • Sewer, water and cable contractors
  • Municipal risks
  • Artisan contractors/specialty trade contractors
  • Paving/grading contractors
  • Excavation contractors
  • Cranes are eligible when included in the schedule of equipment with other types of contractor's equipment (no boom or overload exclusion)



  • Contractor's equipment

Additional coverages

  • Leased or rented FROM/TO others
  • Waterborne coverage
  • Rigger's liability
  • Rental cost reimbursement
  • Continuing rental or lease payments
  • Bailees


Why choose APU's Inland Marine Insurance Program?

  • Coverage on 100% U.S. admitted paper from an A.M. Best "A-XII" rated carrier, which translates to:
    • No E&S taxes
    • Faster claims handling
    • Government backing to pay claims in case of bankruptcy
  • "Service above all" philosophy. We are committed to building relationships, not just managing transactions, through:
    • Timely responses
    • Expedited quoting, binding, and issuance
    • Working in partnership with you to protect your bottom line

Inland Marine Contractor's Equipment Program Details


All states except: CA



Up to $10,000,000/any one item not to exceed $2,500,000


Minimum premium




  • A.M. Best "X-IV" rated
  • Admitted


Submission requirements 

  • Narrative of operations, including equipment maintenance program
  • Equipment schedule (year, model and current value)
  • Five-year loss history and summary of any large loss over $25,000 with corrective action
  • Other information, if necessary, requested upon submission

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Amwins in the news:

Heather Frain shares her perspective on why contractors should factor inflation into their equipment valuations in an interview with Insurance Business America.

Items to be aware of to ensure proper inland marine insurance coverage:

  • Are your clients correctly valuing their equipment on the equipment schedules?
  • Does your client have actual cash value coverage or replacement cost coverage?
  • Is your client aware of the different ways they can receive equipment valuations?

In addition, contractors should be proactive and diligent when maintaining and operating equipment.  Failure to do so can open the door to theft, fire, and operator error claims which can impact the cost of the inland marine insurance policy.

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