Every year, AmWINS hosts hundreds of interns to provide valuable learning opportunities and real world experience.

Gain Valuable Experience

The AmWINS Internship Program is designed to give our interns a better understanding of the insurance industry as well as the AmWINS culture by providing insurance education and hands-on experience. During their internship, we hope to evaluate each individual for their potential at AmWINS.

Program Highlights

  • All internships are paid opportunities
  • Ideal candidates will possess strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Opportunities available in various segments of our business
  • Relationship building opportunities


  • Enrollment in accredited 4-year college or university
  • Overall grade point average of at least 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale
  • At least 18 years of age

Internship Experience


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Every year AmWINS hosts hundreds of interns to provide valuable learning opportunities and real world experience.

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Internship Divisions

State of the Professional and Cyber Lines Q2


AmWINS Access Internships are designed for interns to gain valuable hands-on experience delivering competitive solutions to small commercial and personal lines risks with speed and efficiency through strategic market relationships and cutting edge technology; as well as an understanding of AmWINS culture by receiving insurance education and industry experience.

Program Underwriters


From marketing accounts to preparing quotes and binders, an internship with AmWINS Brokerage provides students with first-hand experience of various components of the insurance placement process. Working with seasoned brokers and their teams, interns will also develop professional skills, including problem-solving and sales techniques, while having fun and building relationships.

State of the Professional and Cyber Lines Q2


Underwriting internships give you exposure to all aspects of the business, from underwriting processes and guidelines, to evaluating risks and building relationships. With operating companies spread across niche product lines, you have the opportunity to build your expertise in highly specialized areas.

Program Underwriters

Group Benefits

Why are internships at AmWINS Group Benefits different? Real industry exposure, project-based assignments and team member responsibility, which all leads to possible future employment opportunities. Make your internship about your development and success and leave the coffee and photocopying behind.


Testimonial Portrait
Cameron Epple
Testimonial Portrait
Kacey LeBlanc
Testimonial Portrait
Mikkel Vogele
Testimonial Portrait
Cecelia Bruno

My internship experience was truly fun and different from anything I had ever done. I had no idea what an underwriter did when I started as an intern, and the department I was in was incredibly patient with me and helped me get up to speed quickly. It was certainly a “learn by doing” environment, which I loved. It allowed me to learn on the fly, and not be bogged down with boring training manuals and explanations on how to do things. Everything I did at AmWINS Program Underwriters (APU) was actively contributing to the underwriting process, and I felt more like a full-time employee than an intern. The office itself knows how to have fun, and really lives by the work hard, play hard mantra. This competitive environment and amazing people I have met in the Camp Hill office, is what made me to want to come back and begin my career at APU.

Cameron Epple
AmWINS Underwriting Intern 2017

I was an RMI major at The University of Louisiana at Monroe where I met Tammy Culmone in the Baton Rouge office. Tammy helped me secure an internship with AmWINS Access in the summer of 2017, and my experience in West Palm was incredible! The culture, the resources provided, and reputation of the company are three factors that led to my decision to work for AmWINS. The technology platforms and centralized support staff were two areas that differentiated AmWINS; that combined with the success stories I heard from previous ULM alumnus and what they personally had to say about the company, made me feel like I was making the right decision joining the team. 

Kacey LeBlanc
AmWINS Access Intern 2017

I interned for AmWINS for four summers during college.  After my second summer, I decided I wanted to have a career in insurance, so I changed my major to Risk Management and now I am a Provisional Broker with the Brokerage Division full-time. I really enjoyed the social aspect of AmWINS Brokerage. I was invited to lunches, happy hours, dinner and ball games, but what really impressed me was the culture of AmWINS. I love the team mentality and the transparency and accessibility of the corporate leadership team.

Mikkel Vogele
AmWINS Brokerage Intern 2012-2014

When I interned with AmWINS Program Underwriters (APU) in Camp Hill, PA, I was a rising senior at Penn State University and unsure about my career path.  I was an economics major, and truthfully had never considered a career in underwriting. The underwriting done at APU is highly specialized and the people I worked side-by-side with are considered experts in their fields.  The internship experience I had was hands-on, as I was truly put to work laying the groundwork for the underwriting process.  Before I completed my internship, I was offered a full time position upon graduation. I would absolutely recommend AmWINS’ internship experience to any student in a related field.  APU has truly helped me envision my place here long-term, and they have actively demonstrated to me that my voice and opinions matter.

Cecelia Bruno
AmWINS Underwriting Intern 2017

Current Intern Listing

Dept. Position Location
Internship MGA Internship with Access Escondido, CA
Internship Underwriting Internship with AmWINS Specialty Logistics Underwriters (ASLU) Sunrise, FL
Internship Specialty Insurance Internship with The Flood Agency Gainesville, FL
Internship Safety and Loss Control Internship with Woodus K Humphrey & Co Ins Shreveport, LA
Internship MGA Internship with Access Hopedale, MA
Internship MGA Internship with Access Redondo Beach, CA
Internship MGA Internship with Access Woodland Hills, CA
Internship MGA Internship with Access Morgan Hill, CA
Internship MGA Internship with Access Valencia, CA
Internship MGA Internship with Access San Francisco, CA
Internship Brokerage Internship Seven Hills, OH
Internship Brokerage Internship New York, NY