Stop-Loss General Agency

As a specialty general agent, we understand the nuances of medical stop-loss insurance and build our programs and services to make the transition from fully insured to self-funded a sustainable solution for employers, brokers and carriers. 

2023 State of the Stop-loss Market Report

Thoroughly comprehensive, highly specialized, fully integrated stop-loss solutions.

Soaring healthcare costs have prompted an interest in self-funding, but the road to get there can be filled with twists and turns. At Amwins Group Benefits we’re proud to offer Stealth Partner Group, a specialty general agent that has dedicated its practice to navigating the complexities of medical stop-loss insurance, understanding its nuances and building our programs and services to make the transition from fully insured to self-funded a sustainable solution for employers, brokers and carriers.



How are we different?

When it comes to stop loss, independence matters. We are not owned by or an affiliate of any large retail brokerage firm.  By maintaining our position as third-party experts, you can trust that our recommendations are objectively made and thoroughly researched with your best interest in mind.

With years of stop-loss experience under our belts, we’ve built an approach that anticipates and addresses potential pain points for group benefits brokers and their clients. When working with us, you can expect:

Our commitment

Fully vetted carriers

We take the time to ensure every stop-loss carrier meets our standards for quality and service. 

Efficient, accurate, competitive RFP processing

Our underwriters scrub each proposal to ensure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.

A single point of contact to get questions answered, fast 

Our dedicated account managers streamline support and are customer service champions to provide you fast response and accurate answers.

A team to quarterback the claims process

From the time a stop-loss claim is filed to when it is paid and every step in between, our claims professionals are the conduit between clients and carriers.

Premiums paid on time, every time

As a licensed and bonded TPA, we’ve developed a system that efficiently manages premium administration and ensures payments and commissions are quickly processed.  

Creative, tailored strategies to manage costs

Whether you’re considering a captive to facilitate a fully insured transition or are in need of cost-containment solutions like patient assistance programs or dialysis management, we offer custom programs to accommodate a variety of employer sizes and demographics. 

Actionable data to inform business decisions

We marry our universe of data with actuarial analysis to serve up custom reports and insights unrivaled in the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are Stealth Partner Group’s service fees?

As a stop-loss wholesaler, we are paid by our carriers. That means retail brokers can leverage our relationships, expertise and market access at no additional cost.

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What carriers do we work with?  

We’ve developed relationships with more than 35 different markets, both regionally and nationally. We have more carrier partnerships than any other stop-loss provider. 

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What is our product availability?

We are authorized to sell stop loss in all 50 states.





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