Retiree Medical

When you choose to partner with Amwins, you get access to real-life people who are Medicare experts dedicated to solving your problems and delivering retiree solutions that fit your needs. 

We provide concierge, white-glove customer service to walk insureds through the complexities of Medicare.

It’s no secret that employers today are struggling to manage post-employment benefits (OPEB) due to difficulty balancing financial constraints with the healthcare needs of retirees. This often results in limited choices, leaving retirees trapped in the middle. With Amwins Group Benefits, there’s a better way. Our group and individual administrative solutions are coupled with our strong carrier relationships and regulatory knowledge that give brokers and employer groups more insight and control over OPEB.

Amwins administers the retiree benefit plans for more than 950 employer groups nationwide and has been successful in this space thanks to our overwhelming attention to detail and unmatched customer service that we deliver to our clients and their retirees. Our solutions range from plan modifications to comprehensive exit strategies and keep retiree and Rx benefits intact while eliminating balance sheet obligations. We shop the carrier marketplace, negotiate coverage and pricing, and create custom recommendations. Our in-house administration includes eligibility, billing, marketing, enrollment and policy service. We also offer claims advocacy services, ensuring that retirees always have the support they need during coverage disputes that involve physicians, pharmacists and lawyers.


Our retiree medical capabilities

Fully insured and self-funded retiree programs

Retiree call center


Claims adjudication

Billing and collecting of premium

Retiree advocacy

Retiree meetings

Medical plans

Prescription drug plans



Complementary capabilities

Senior dental and vision benefits

Retiree assistance programs (physical, financial, mental well-being)

Frequently Asked Questions


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Can my client carve out their retirees from their active employee health plans?

Yes, former employees that have retired and are being covered on the current healthcare plan as retirees can be carved out.  This can create a potential for significant savings.

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How can we transition retirees to a new program without generating complaints? 

Amwins can handle this and work with clients to minimize complaints and disruptions.  We all know “we can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time,” but our goal is always to minimize this.

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Can you provide Medicare education to my client’s employees?

Yes, we are always happy to discuss various educational opportunities and methods in which we can support our clients to provide this.



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