Amwins Group Benefits provides packaged employer-paid and voluntary solutions from the nation's major ancillary benefit carriers to help brokers and both small and big businesses tackle cost, plan design, and value proposition concerns.

We deliver ancillary benefits that are person-centric over office-centric. 

Ancillary-benefit coverage is on the rise as employees are placing greater emphasis on their health and safety and are seeking more comprehensive and convenient healthcare options. Fast-growing types of coverage include mental health, telehealth, absence management and life insurance, while dental, vision and short and long-term disability remain staples. To meet the demand for ancillary coverage, employers need to think about how they can deliver benefits that are person-centric rather than office-centric. 

Amwins Group Benefits helps benefit brokers and both small and large employers overcome cost, plan design and value proposition challenges by providing bundled employer-paid and voluntary products from the nation’s largest ancillary benefit carriers. That’s where Amwins is set apart. We provide a wide product portfolio with CoPower that allows brokers and employer groups to mix and match or choose from our pre-made bundles. CoPower allows you to customize the best available products to meet your specific needs.  

Ancillary services: 
  • Carrier negotiation
  • Benefit and contract comparison
  • Carrier partner management
  • Account management


Ancillary products:

Dental PPO & HMO


Short-term + long-term disability

Gap programs

Limited benefit


Chiropractic and acupuncture

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