What is silent cyber? In recent years, unintended cyber coverage has bled into other lines of insurance, prompting insurers to add cyber exclusions to non-cyber policies. This often leads to confusion and coverage gaps when a cyber-attack causes an otherwise covered loss, known as silent cyber.

Cyber events can happen to insureds of all sizes in all industries. Need help determining your insured's specific silent cyber exposure and whether they need Amwins' Cyber Umbrella Policy, CyberUP? We’ve developed a self-evaluation tool to identify risk factors and deliver an easy-to-understand score that retailers can share with their insured.

Take this self-evaluation to determine if your insured's cyber policy might be leaving them with coverage gaps and you as the retailer with E&O exposure.


Take the Silent Cyber Exposure Evaluation



The Exclusive Amwins Solution: CyberUP

Amwins offers the only product on the market designed specifically to combat silent cyber incidents. CyberUP is a comprehensive cyber umbrella policy designed to fill policy gaps by dropping down, not overlapping, existing policies across multiple lines of coverage.

Contact your Amwins professional lines broker or visit amwins.com/cyberup to learn more.