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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the educational service sector averages 36,000 work-related injuries per year – a number that’s on the rise.

Keeping staff safe in an increasingly complex environment is a challenge for school administrators. Equally important is knowing that, when claims arise, the right workers’ compensation coverage is in place.

AmWINS Specialty Casualty Solutions offers a first-dollar workers’ compensation solution that meets the unique challenges of today’s educational entities. Called the AmWINS School Insurance Program, it provides coverage through a financially strong, A-XI rated carrier to:

  • Kindergarten through grade 12 public, private and charter schools  teacher_student
  • Community colleges
  • Junior colleges

With a focus on providing the best school workers’ compensation solution, AmWINS Specialty Casualty Solutions also provides risk management services, including:

  • Early intervention telephonic case management – Offers immediate access to a nurse at the time of injury to allow the injured employ to receive professional medical advice prior to filing a claim
  • Risk management information system – Offers access to a state-of-the-art technology platform that serves up specialized loss, premium and policy-summary results
  • Predictive modeling – Assesses previous claims and delivers a rating based on expected ultimate claim severity, allowing the third-party administrator to focus on the most at-risk claims
  • Loss control services – provides site and employee safety recommendations
  • End-to-end claim management reports – Offers specialized claim summary reporting throughout the claim process
  • Benchmarking analysis – Compares results to those of peers within the AmWINS School Insurance Program

AmWINS Specialty Casualty Solutions is proud to offer its school insurance program in all 50 states, allowing all qualifying educational institutions access to the workers’ compensation coverage they need.

Additional program details:

  • Minimum premium: $10,000
  • Employers' liability up to $1,000,000/$1,000,000/$1,000,000
  • Submission requirements:
    • Completed and signed industry standard application
    • Account overview and coverage specifications
    • Most recent audited financials 
    • Experience modification worksheet
    • Minimum 5 years currently valued ground-up losses, including claim descriptions
    • Minimum 5 years historical and projected exposures (ADA and payroll
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