Local / Intermediate / Long Haul Trucking

Comprehensive coverage for single owner operators as well as large fleet accounts.

Merge onto any highway and you’ll see countless semi-trucks heading in either direction. With a market value of $792B, the trucking industry is responsible for most of the overland freight movement in the U.S. 

Local, intermediate, and long-haul trucking employs millions of drivers and serves as a vital lifeline between producers and consumers when it comes to transporting everything from gasoline to groceries.

Trucking operators and business owners might see their operations come to a screeching halt without adequate amounts of insurance coverage in place. Obtaining comprehensive coverage is vital to their business, and we recognize not all business risk is created equal. With a keen understanding of the ins and outs of the trucking industry, our team of underwriters provide market intelligence and expertise needed to help your clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Amwins offers multiple trucking insurance programs that provide a myriad of coverage options to meet your clients’ unique needs.

  • Amwins Transportation Underwriters
    - Small/Mid-Fleet Trucking program - Advantage is distributed through a select group of retail brokers, targets motor carriers with up to 25 units and offers forms and coverages designed specifically for the trucking industry. Click here for program details.

    - Local/Long-Haul Trucking program -
    Dedicated coverage for both for-hire and not-for-hire trucking operations.  Common vehicle types for this coverage include trucks and truck/tractor trailer combinations.  Click here for program details.

Each program offers sophisticated risk and claims management services to help control costs and improve safety.