Enrollment Services

WeCare® is a customized benefit enrollment system developed by Impact Interactive, an AmWINS Group company.

Voluntary Insurance

WeCare® is a proprietary benefit enrollment system developed by Impact Interactive, an AmWINS Group company. For more than a decade, more than two million employees have benefitted from the WeCare platform, which is an efficient, user-friendly system for the online enrollment of supplemental insurance plans.

Key Benefits for Employers Using WeCare

  • Lowers benefit enrollment administrative costs
  • Reduces enrollment paperwork & data entry errors
  • Captures and secures benefit enrollment data
  • Improves participation in supplemental plans
  • Speeds the submission & issuance of coverage

Key Features of WeCare

  • Advanced web technology - WeCare’s cloud computing streamlines benefit enrollments. It’s flexible, scalable, and always available.
  • Secure, encrypted platform - WeCare uses sophisticated bank-level privacy and security processes. Servers are housed in an SSAE 16 compliant environment.
  • Flexible, powerful design - WeCare can adapt to any required enrollment method: employee self-service, call center enrollments, or face-to-face interviews.
  • Extensive data capabilities - WeCare is a data handling machine that manages all data functions: data acquisition, integration, transmission, and distribution.
  • Actionable, real-time reports - WeCare delivers comprehensive reports that monitor real-time progress and performance.


Core Benefits

WeCare® uses web technology to simplify your core enrollments. A single, customized website enrolls any number of covered lives – plus all types and any amount of benefits.

WeCare® supports any enrollment method and handles face-to-face interviews, employee self-service, and call center enrollments with ease. It can be used for annual enrollment and new hire enrollment year-round. Your enrollment data is fully protected by bank-level security processes, and by our SSAE 16 compliant server environment.

Our system is customized with your eligibility rules, benefit plans, and rate structures. The system is carrier-independent and can accommodate all your chosen providers.

WeCare® also handles all data functions: acquisition, integration, utilization and distribution. You will receive real-time monitoring, instant payroll deductions, individual benefit reports, eligibility files by employee and dependent for each major dependent.