Underwriting Programs

AmWINS' skilled underwriters draw upon decades of experience in highly specialized niches, earning the trust and authority of major carriers. We have developed strategies around specialization, expertise and leveraging resources to ensure that the products they provide bring value to both carrier and retail partners.

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MGA/Specialty Programs

Carriers establishing new programs need a partner with impeccable underwriting credentials, but they also need partners with knowledge of key industry niches and the ability to distribute within that niche. AmWINS gives its carrier partners a competitive edge by meeting those needs. Learn more about our programs >


Binding Authorities

AmWINS Access is a nationwide binding platform for small property and casualty business, targeting accounts less than $10,000 in premium. Armed with dedicated market relationships and cutting edge technology, we deliver competitive small business solutions quickly and easily. Learn more about AmWINS Access >


Alternative Capacity

AmWINS has built relationships with the key alternative capital asset managers that are focused on expanding beyond traditional collateralized reinsurance, ILW or CAT bond investing. We believe that alternative capital will be a permanent part of the industry’s capital structure and will be a key component in delivering comprehensive CAT property solutions alongside the specialty carrier partners.


Proprietary Products

We leverage our actuarial, analytics and underwriting expertise to build proprietary products in order to give our retail clients a competitive advantage in the market when working with AmWINS. Whether they are accessing our proprietary products or we are helping a retail build their own program, we constantly strive to bring creative solutions to our clients.