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When you join the Amwins family, you and your team become an integral part of our vision: strategizing for success today, tomorrow and 150 years from now.

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Become one half of a growth-minded, successful partnership

It's cliche, but it's true: Successful partnerships are win-win. At Amwins, we're committed to fostering the tenets of long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships:

  • Keep our 150-year vision: We're not just planning for today. We're focused on the future so we can have your back in the long term.
  • Buy in, don't sell out: We fundamentally believe all our shareholders are equal — there's no preferred equity in our capital structure.
  • Maintain an entrepreneurial spirit: Rooted in our humble beginnings, we work to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit and avoid bureaucratic red tape.
  • Find the better way: We constantly challenge the status quo, pushing ourselves to outpace the competition
  • Don't shy away from responsibility: We make the transition to the Amwins family as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on business development and ensuring a stable future for your employees.

At Amwins, we care about doing right by our people — whether they're employees, clients or partners.

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Expansive relationships

Amwins holds trading relationships with over 23,000 retail agencies as well as deep relationships with carriers. This gives you the ability to access new markets and opportunities for program development.

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Commitment to excellence

We never settle for "good enough." Our commitment to technology, actuarial services, marketing, and training and development keeps our clients and partners ahead of the competition.

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Exclusive solutions

Amwins provides clients and employees with access to innovative solutions, including exclusive and proprietary products.



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June 2019

Feb 1, 2021, 20:21 PM
AmWINS Group, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Atlantic Risk Specialists Companies
Title : June 2019
Date : Jun 1, 2019, 04:00 AM

Ashley Kaiser

Having someone who can corral large teams with diverse thinking is an incredible asset. Ashley, more widely known as "Kaiser," works to propel Amwins forward by creating synergy among our global offices. As the Strategy Director, she constantly inspires the business and the people around her, making sure our next move is always a good one.

London Amwins Global Risk