Gene Therapy Solutions

Developments in gene and cell therapies have the potential to provide life-changing treatments, but they also present a significant financial risk to self-funded plan sponsors and employers. When coupled with stop-loss coverage, this cost-containment program provides a sustainable strategy that prepares employers to face unexpected, high-dollar gene therapy claims with confidence.

Helping employers face unexpected, high-dollar claims with confidence. 


Amwins Group Benefits works with brokers to help their clients navigate the future of gene therapy by empowering them to implement smart, practical and complete risk-management programs and strategies. We bring unrivaled knowledge and expertise to our retail partners by providing meaningful solutions that protect employers as they face the ever-evolving and complex gene-therapy landscape. 

Human gene therapy aims to change a gene’s expression or the biological characteristics of living cells for treating or curing disease.  According to the FDA, there are 37 cellular and gene therapies in the market today and seven to 10 additional approved treatments predicted by next year. Current treatment costs range between $850,000 and $4,250,000 and are expected to continue to rise as more approved gene-therapy treatments hit the market.

Amwins Gene Therapy Solutions

The Amwins Gene Therapy Solutions program currently provides coverage for three Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatments that deliver curative or life-altering solutions for hereditary blindness and spinal muscular atrophy : 

  • Luxturna treatment for hereditary blindness  up to $850,000
  • Zolgensma treatment for spinal muscular atrophy $2,200,000
  • Spinraza treatment for spinal muscular atrophy up to $2,200,000
  • Zynteglo treatment for hereditary blood disorder up to $2,800,000
  • Skysona treatment for genetic brain disease up to $3,000,000

Amwins Gene Therapy Solutions offers unique program advantages, including:

Meaningful protection

Offering first-dollar protection to the plan sponsor


Changing carriers without disrupting program terms

Seamless contract management 

Eliminating an additional layer of complexity by managing contract terms

Simplified billing

Reducing administrative burden by including the program fee in the stop-loss bill


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