Risks in the UK

Are you a UK broker dealing purely with UK risks? No problem, we’ve been doing that since 1968. While THB’s new name is Amwins Global Risks, we’re still based in London and we still have dedicated teams serving only UK brokers with UK risks. 

And yes, we are still 100% wholesale – we have no competing retail arm.

Why should we choose Amwins Global Risks for UK business?

Our dedicated UK teams have always been focused on the UK and remain so. We’ve been broking for over 50 years, so our market connections are unparalleled.  We pride ourselves on our service and our ability to deliver for our clients. Plus we have the clout of Amwins behind us – the power of $22billion in annual premium working for our UK clients just as much as for our global clients.

Areas of specialty

Motor Fleet

One of the leading Fleet wholesalers in the UK market. With a team of 40 people dedicated to Fleet, we place more than £100m GWP and handle over 15,000 quotations per year.

From in-house facilities to tailored solutions, small sales fleets to large coach or haulage operations, look no further.


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UK commercial property solutions.


Tim Lissenden | 020 7469 0177 | tlissenden@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

D. Owen Davies | 020 7469 0243 | odavies@amwinsglobalrisks.com 


Contractors’ Liability | Contractors’ All Risks | Employers’ Liability | Commercial Combined | Product Recall | Environmental Risks | Freight

For quick and easy cover for the specialist UK construction insurance known as “21-2-1” visit our simple quote-and-bind microsite 21two1.co.uk


Tim Lissenden | 020 7469 0177 | tlissenden@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

D. Owen Davies | 020 7469 0243 | odavies@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

Professional Risks

Professional Indemnity | Cyber Liability | Medical Malpractice | Financial Institutions | Mortgage Indemnity | Management Liability


Sarah Brailey | 020 7469 0245 | sbrailey@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

Stuart Leate | 020 7469 0245 | sleate@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

Ben Dahmen | 020 7469 0193 | bdahmen@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

Finlay Vollans | 020 7469 0269 | fvollans@amwinsglobalrisks.com 

21.2.1. cover for the construction sector

Our quote facility enables brokers to place 21.2.1 insurance quickly at a competitive premium. Just answer a few eligibility questions, enter some contract details, and you obtain a quote straight away.


Paul Johnson | 020 7469 4593 | pjohnson@amwinsglobalrisks.com

Nick Di Domenico | 020 7444 9569 | NDiDomenico@amwinsglobalrisks.com

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All for you

We’re 100% wholesale. We have no competing retail arm. Our expertise lies in providing wholesale solutions to our retail broker clients.

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Access with a capital A 

While we are a major contributor to Lloyd’s, we have strong relationships across the UK and international marketplace providing cover from carriers our retail broking clients are unable to access. As part of the powerful Amwins family we engage with capacity providers to secure more schemes, more exclusive wordings, more offerings for our retail broker partners. 

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On your team 

Through our phone calls, visits, webinars and other events, our brokers and team of Business Development Managers make it their business to help our partner brokers’ businesses. 


Nearly 50% of all Amwins Global Risks policies are UK business.

£100m GWP

Our Motor Fleet team writes more than £100m GWP per year.


Our Motor Fleet team also handles over 15,000 quotations per year.