Upstream & Midstream

The business of generating energy is complex and the stakes are high. We get that, we understand this world, we have the right relationships and solutions, talk to us about your upstream and midstream risks.

Downstream & Power Generation

We have deep knowledge and experience placing refining, processing, manufacturing and generation facilities throughout the world in our Downstream Energy and Power Generation team, from small single locations to large multi-national corporations.

Global Risks Energy Insurance

Switched On

Pipelines, platforms and plant - a few of the origins of the energy we need for our businesses and ourselves, and the type of upstream and midstream risks in which we specialise. As well as downstream capabilities from petrochemical facilities to biofuel production and much more. We know the risks, and we know that where the risk is situated can be equally important, so knowing the territory matters.  

Key Industries - Upstream & Midstream

Oil Companies

Platforms, pipelines, processing plants and more

Oil and Gas Lease Operators / Non-Operators

Drilling Contractors



Energy Related Service Contractors

Energy Construction Companies

Midstream Property Owners / Operators (processing plants, equipment, pipelines)


Key Industries - Downstream

Privately owned or State owned Energy Companies

Power Companies

Chemical Industry

Key coverages - Upstream & Midstream

Operators’ Extra Expense

Control of Well, Re-drilling, Seepage and Pollution, Care Custody & Control and Additional Coverages

Physical Damage

Onshore Rigs & Equipment, Oil Lease Property, Contractors' Plant and Equipment, Gas Processing Facilities

Offshore Platforms, Rigs, Pipelines, FPSOs, Subsea Equipment

Business Interruption, Loss of Production Income, Contingent BI/LOPI


Onshore Midstream, Offshore Energy Construction


Commercial General Liability, Umbrella/Excess  Liability, Maritime Employers'  Liability.


Key coverages - Downstream

All Risks of Physical Damage & Business Interruption

Machinery Breakdown

Electrical Equipment

Natural Catastrophe

Customers & Suppliers extension

Cyber Insurance

Political Violence

General Liability

Some of our facilities

Property | Operators’ Extra Expense (OEE)

Onshore and Offshore | Property up to $75m TIV / OEE up to $75m Limit / Package up to $100m CSL

Small Operators’ Extra Expense 

Onshore US and Canada | Up to $5m Limit + $5m Associated Property

Commercial General Liability 

US Upstream Energy including Lease Operators and Energy Contractors | $1m/$2m Aggregate Limit

Umbrella Liability Facility

Worldwide Upstream Energy including Lease Operators and Energy Contractors | Up to $20m Limit

Maritime Employers’ Liability

$1m Limit  | Soft and Hard MEL | Excess layers facultatively


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