Professional Liability capacity during 2020 has experienced a split personality, with some sectors hardening such as Healthcare, Insurance Agents, Lawyers and Accountants, whilst Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Manufacturing E&O maintained a steady rate.

Our largest growth areas have come from Contractors and Manufacturing E&O, but other areas that we are quickly developing are Intellectual Property and Medical Malpractice.

Intellectual Property litigation within America has soared over the past year. As a result of Covid-19, London markets are seeing an uptick in submissions from tech companies, well-funded start-ups and companies that have thrived from their products/services being in higher than usual demand throughout the pandemic. Minimum premiums remain the same across the board at $15k and limit offerings max out at $25m for Infringement Liability. We are frequently asked about Intellectual Property rights so we are delighted to be able to offer this as an endorsement onto the form. 

Healthcare has also gradually become a targeted growth area for the E&O team, particularly within the long term care and Allied Heath space. The London Market remains keen to write Long Term Care (LTC) business but, with an ever- increasing hard market, rates are increasing between 30% - 50% with minimum premiums starting at $100,000, plus self-insured retentions to match. We have seen a large uptick in Allied Health submissions and with another market under our belt, we are well equipped to promote this class. 

As our portfolio has expanded, so has the team with the arrival of Grant Clark.  Our newest colleague is a young professional who joined Amwins Global Risks under the Internship Scheme in the UK fleet division in 2018.  As well as securing a distinction in the Internship Scheme he has also now added the Cert CII qualification to his name, all while gaining experience first in our EPL team and now focusing on E&O as well as cyber, technology and media.