From small business to large placements and commercial to personal, Amwins is committed to securing additional exclusive capacity for our clients who are facing the stress of the hard property market. With an increased focus on reported valuations, line reductions and double-digit rate increases in many sectors and geographies, we know how important CAT property capacity is to you and your clients across a broad range of classes. 

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a partnership with Integral, an ILS fund manager that will meaningfully increase our capacity offered in three areas:

  • Exclusive commercial CAT-property coverage for middle market and larger shared and layered accounts across multiple classes through Amwins Special Risk Underwriters (SRU).
  • Commercial CAT-property coverage for accounts with less than $5M in TIV through Amwins Access.
  • Personal lines coverage for insureds in CAT-exposed locations through Amwins Access and Seacoast Brokers.


This capacity can be critical to insureds as they tackle the uphill battle of hard market conditions impacted by:

  • COVID-19 eroding the top 20 reinsurers’ aggregate catastrophe budget and earnings buffer for a severe catastrophe.
  • 2020 U.S. catastrophe losses trended well above average. The Atlantic hurricane season was so active that the National Hurricane Center ran out of alphabetical names and went to the Greek alphabet for only the second time in history.
  • A wildfire season that is likely to cost the insurance industry up to $13B, according to RMS.
  • The unanticipated and sustained riots and subsequent damage in several major metro areas that caused carriers to take a closer look at their property books. 
  • The recent winter storms in Texas and other parts of the southern U.S., which brought an unprecedented amount of ice, snow and freezing temperatures, are estimated to reach around $18 billion in insured losses billion in insured losses.

Call your Amwins broker to find out how our enhanced exclusive capacity may provide solutions for your insureds.