Themis Underwriting, an established London based insurer and a respected leader in global M&A insurance announced the launch of its US M&A insurance practice on 5 January 2022. Representation and warranties insurance (R&W) is designed to respond to financial loss suffered by either a buyer or a seller of a business as a consequence of a breach of a representation or warranty contained in an M&A acquisition agreement. R&W is a tactical deal tool which enables buyers to construct attractive bids in competitive deal environments and allows sellers to exit a transaction and realise their investment cleanly. The product assists both private equity and strategic buyers and sellers to minimise, or even extinguish, their post transaction indemnification obligations.

Themis has capacity to provide cover of up to US $30m for either the buyer or seller of US target companies (and can also insure UK and International targets). In addition to its core offering of R&W, Themis offers both Tax and Special Situations insurance products and for its US business, is seeking to source smaller and midsized deals through established specialist US brokers and London wholesalers.  It has a broad sector appetite for deals of up to US $500m, with a particular focus on deals with a transaction value of between US$ 50 – $250m and a team of experienced M&A and Tax practitioners, each with a proven track record of delivering exceptional service levels.

Naomi Collins

Naomi is a senior corporate lawyer admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and has a number of years’ experience providing transaction liability insurance for complex M&A transactions. She has worked across a number of jurisdictions, with particular focus on the US market, where she has assisted clients in a broad range of industry sectors. Naomi has previously worked as senior transactional liability underwriter in the M&A market, following a successful career in-house and in private practice at several pre-eminent London firms.

Richard Winborn

Richard has 17 years' M&A experience.  Richard is a former corporate lawyer who first joined the M&A insurance industry as a broker in 2008.  Since becoming an underwriter, Richard has held various senior leadership positions within the M&A insurance market and has previously launched a successful M&A insurance business within a global carrier


David Taylor and Oliver Doran met with Naomi Collins, Oliver Giles and Richard Winborn of Themis in January to discuss Themis’ offering, its paper and risk appetite.  Please contact either David or Oliver if you’d like any more information about how the Themis team can assist your clients in enhancing their returns and facilitating their US M&A transactions.

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