If you’re wondering what healthcare will look like in the coming year, there are several trends to look out for. Experts are forecasting changes affecting patients, providers, and insurers alike.

The Future of Healthcare

Understanding changes to come in the healthcare industry in 2023 can help you better serve your clients and provide coverage for the most acute exposures.

Increased Healthcare Segmentation

Healthcare companies are becoming increasingly aware that different demographics have vastly different needs. Many insurers are responding to this realization by curating insurance products based on different communities’ needs, which is likely to continue in 2023.

Increased Medicare Advantage Scrutiny

Medicare Advantage has faced much scrutiny over its costs, revenue capture, and lack of freedom. In 2023, as regular Medicare premiums may decrease, this scrutiny will likely intensify.

New Venture Capital Healthcare Startups

Some of the most impressive innovations in healthcare have come from venture capital startups. These companies leverage technology and innovation to discover solutions to healthcare’s biggest problems, and this trend will likely continue in the new year.

Spotlight on Leadership

Many new healthcare policies have emerged in recent years, each aiming to solve the most pressing problems in the industry. It’s become increasingly clear, though, that these policies can only be effective with firm leadership to implement them.

Continued Impact of COVID-19

Unfortunately, many people are still not vaccinated against COVID-19, which will continue to burden the healthcare system in 2023. Low vaccination rates increase the likelihood of hospitalization due to COVID, which will likely be a problem until vaccination rates rise.

More Intersection With Tech and Healthcare

The retail and tech industries have become increasingly invested in healthcare services, and 2023 will probably continue this trend. For example, many retailers have rolled out prescription delivery services, and programs like this will likely become more common.

New Pharmaceutical Advancements

Pharmaceutical companies have more resources, funding, and technology than ever; recent advancements exemplify the benefits. As tech continues to evolve, new pharmaceutical solutions will evolve.

Rising Pharmaceutical Prices

Unfortunately, as the pharmaceutical industry progresses, prices will likely increase. It is among the numerous issues facing U.S. healthcare consumers, and there’s no sign there will be any improvements n 2023.

Increased Focus on Patients’ Needs

With the emergence of value-based care, there’s been more focus on the needs of individual patients, and this trend will likely continue to affect healthcare in 2023 as the benefits and cost-saving potential become evident.

Persistent Healthcare Provider Burnout

The healthcare staffing shortage continues to affect providers. If a solution doesn’t appear, burnout will continue.