Student Accident

Specialty accident and catastrophic coverage for schools, students and sports.

With A+ care, we help schools stay prepared and protected. 

If an accident occurs, you need a partner you can trust, not a company that will give your clients the run-around. Whether it’s a minor sprain or a more serious injury, student and student-athlete accident insurance provides a layer of protection for school-related injuries. Additional catastrophic insurance coverage protects students and schools from rare major accidents that can lead to financial calamity for families. Accident and catastrophic coverages are relatively inexpensive but can save families potentially tens of thousands of dollars they would otherwise pay out in medical expenses and may protect a school from lawsuits when students are injured at a school-sponsored activity or on campus.

Our plans and pricing are competitive and customizable. We know this market and have been working with schools and students for more than 35 years. With custom quotes, fast turnaround, and accurate underwriting, your clients are covered with expert care. We take pride in providing specialized plans that hit the mark for the needs of your insureds and give a competitive advantage for both large and small institutions.

Eligible accounts

  • Child Care
    • Licensed Child Care Centers
    • Religious and Private Preschools
    • Franchise Child Care Centers
    • Before and After School Care
  • Home School Groups
  • K-12
    • Public Schools
    • Private & Religious Schools
    • Charter Schools
    • School Districts and Consortiums
    • High School Associations
  • State, Regional and National Associations
  • Higher Education
    • Community Colleges
    • Public Colleges and Universities
    • Private Colleges and Universities
    • College Consortiums
    • Athletic Associations


  • Accident Medical 
  • Catastrophic Accident
  • Intercollegiate Sports Basic Accident 
  • Deadly Weapon
  • Special Events

Submission requirements

  • Request for Quote form
  • 3-5 years Premium & Loss History (*Does not apply to private school program)
  • Copies of Current Policies

Student Accident program details



  • Available in all states

Minimum premium

  • As low as $200


  • $25,000  limit for Accident 
  • $1M-$7.5M limits for Catastrophic medical