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Exclusive social engineering insurance solution that combines comprehensive, tailored crime coverage and industry-leading social engineering employee training.

Organizations of all sizes, across all regions, and in all business sectors face an evolving risk from cyber criminals. Cyber criminals have shifted their focus away from purely technological attacks to attacking employees through the use of “social engineering,” which are techniques used to manipulate people into performing actions or sharing confidential information.

Social engineers prey on human emotions, such as fear, curiosity, helpfulness, trust, and laziness, to bypass the most airtight security measures.

The emergence of social engineering has created a huge potential exposure for insureds. The Professional Lines specialists at Amwins have partnered with AXIS to develop a solution that combines comprehensive, tailored coverage  and industry-leading social engineering employee training.



  • Comprehensive Crime policy for commercial risks (not Financial Institutions) with standard marketplace enhancements built into the policy form. Limits for social engineering range from $100K to $10M (subject to underwriting criteria).
  • Social engineering coverage can also be offered on an excess basis, including the ability to “drop down” over a sub-limit for social engineering on the underlying insurance.
  • Free social engineering training for employees as well as a significant discount for higher level training from the world’s largest security awareness training provider.

Access to a Leading Risk Management Tool

Since social engineering cannot be defended against through software or hardware, it is one of the most difficult crimes to prevent. To mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks, organizations need to implement comprehensive security practices and employee training procedures.

In addition to free basic training, insureds who bind the policy through Amwins will also receive a 25% discount on robust employee training and other educational services from the world’s largest security awareness training provider, KnowBe4, as well as a free upgrade from a Gold to Platinum plan.

Key Coverage Advantages Over Traditional Crime and Cyber Policies

Our solution protects an insured from loss resulting directly from being duped into transferring money or securities in good faith reliance upon a telephone, written or electronic instruction purportedly from a client, vendor or employee of the insured.

  • Traditional crime policies contain computer fraud or funds transfer fraud insuring agreements, which do not provide coverage for social engineering claims due to the insured voluntarily transferring the funds.
  • Traditional cyber policies are designed to respond to security breaches and related expenses. Social engineering losses often occur without penetrating the organization’s network.

Our solution offers Social Engineering sublimits ranging from $100K to $10M, depending on the risk.

  • Many traditional crime policies do not include limits for social engineering.
  • Cyber underwriters can offer sublimits up to $250K, which is inadequate for potential losses.

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