Small Group Outsourcing

Providing agents with the time to generate new revenue while keeping existing clients satisfied and as well as protection from competing agents.

With Small Group Outsourcing, AmWINS partners with agents to manage implementation, administration, and renewal services for group life, health and other employee benefit programs. Agents outsource specific client services or total case management, receive a significant portion of the commissions and use the newly available time and resources to close new business.



  • Quotations & Proposals
  • Carrier Marketing & Negotiations
  • Administration
  • Billing and Collection
  • Customer Service
  • Renewals



  • Web-based
  • Traditional



  • Reduced operations & administrative costs
  • Improved accuracy, consistency & timeliness
  • Increased business growth & capacity without increased operational costs
  • Compliance & HR Tools



Participating agents receive up to 40% of the commission while AmWINS handles total case management.

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Timothy Falanga
Executive Vice President
Amwins Connect Insurance Services, LLC - Shelton, CT