Zurich Property Program

Protecting property and assets is one of the most important investments for healthcare organizations. Our programs are designed to protect our clients from financial loss by providing the most innovative risk transfer products in the market.

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ZurichThe Zurich Property Program for Premier members and other hospitals and health systems nationwide represents a collaborative partnership between our organizations to provide an aggressive and comprehensive healthcare property solution. Our Program includes pre-arranged pricing consideration as well as built in policy and service enhancements that come at no additional cost to our customers.

Our platform is a nationally integrated program which is accessible by each underwriter within the Zurich Healthcare Property segment.


Proprietary Pricing

  • 5% Underwriting Rate Credit for all participants
  • 10% Risk Engineering Credit (for all services)


Policy Enhancements

  • $50M limit standard for all proposals at no additional cost for ICC & Debris Removal (Demolition)
  • New Construction – Standard Limit: $25M
  • Newly Acquired Property – Standard Limit: $15M/180 days


Submission Requirements

  • Statement of Values
  • Zurich Business Interruption Worksheet
  • Loss Runs
  • Consolidated Financials