Data Privacy Liability

The Beazley Breach Response Data Privacy Liability program provides unprecedented coverage and services for notification, credit monitoring and other data breach expenses.

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BeazleyProgram Benefits

  • Premier – No Claims Bonus Return Premium. If our participants do not incur any “paid” claims during the policy period, then a 5% return premium will be applied 90 days after the following renewal.
  • Beazley Breach Response Workshop – For those participants with net patient revenue of $800,000,000+ or $100,000 in premium will be provided with a 1 Day On-Site Breach Response Workshop – education benefit. (see attached for more detail)
  • Data Breach Web Portal Resource – All participants will have log in availability to A vast resource for data breach information and content.
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Submission Requirements

  • Non-Binding Indications
    • Insured Name with Address
    • Most Recent Financials
  • Firm Proposals
    • Insured Name with Address
    • Most Recent Financials
    • Fully completed Beazley-BBR Application
    • Portable Media Worksheet