Medicare Exchange

Custom Medicare Exchange solution for employers offering with pre- and post-65 employees.


Organizations looking to transition pre and post-65 retirees out of a traditional group insurance program often look to Retiree Benefit Choice™ and AmWINS’ 25 years of retiree benefits administration experience.

Retiree Benefit Choice is the only retiree health insurance program that controls employer health care costs, eliminates administrative burdens, and gives retirees the choice to keep benefits similar to their current plan or shop the Medicare marketplace. The result is a smoother transition from an often long-standing traditional group program.

Retirees receive transitional support from experienced, full-time Contact Center representatives to help them choose the right Medicare policy for their unique needs.


Ideal Clients

  • Fully insured or self-funded arrangements
  • Unions
  • Municipalities
  • Companies in economic crisis
  • Paternalistic companies
  • Companies with complex benefit arrangements

Complementary Programs

  • Medicare Part D Plans (EGWP)
  • Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Retiree Assistance Programs (Physical, financial, mental well-being)


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