Medical Stop Loss

Protect your self-funded clients with medical stop loss insurance from Amwins Group Benefits.

We work closely with leading consultants, brokers and third party administrators (TPAs) across the United States, to support their clients by offering unmatched stop loss expertise.  Amwins has the ability to underwrite or distribute medical stop loss through Beacon Risk Strategies and Stealth Partner Group respectively. Numerous employers, public and private have benefited from our partnership with their trusted advisors.

Beacon Risk Strategies

Innovation and creativity are balanced with savvy risk assessment in each medical stop loss proposal we issue.  As we underwrite each piece of business, we strive for competitive but sustainable pricing, because long-term rate stability and fair renewal philosophy are hallmarks of a solid partnership.  At Beacon, we pride ourselves on prompt, personalized service and provide you access to our experienced underwriters on every case. 

We have the ability to bind coverage in all 50 states.  Our contacts are comprehensive, offering a variety of innovative and seamless options including:

  • Flexible run-in, run-out and “Paid” specific and aggregate contract options
  • Specific deductibles up to $500,000
  • Aggregating specific deductibles
  • Standard maximum coverage of $1,000,000 with higher maximums available
  • No lasers at renewals (unless specifically requested)

Stealth Partner Group

Stealth Partner Group is the largest wholesale broker of medical stop loss insurance in the United States. We provide our clients a competitive advantage by serving as a time-saving resource that is singularly focused on self-funded benefit solutions.  Benefit professionals become more productive and successful in their core business by putting Stealth to work in this highly specialized segment of their practice.  We couple industry-leading expertise with value-added services, allowing our clients to fulfill their clients’ needs without the headache, anxiety or wasted time that happens with working in an unfamiliar and complex space.  

We provide our partners:

  • Preferred access to the leading stop loss carriers
  • Competitive Premium rates, terms and conditions
  • Unmatched technical expertise and focus
  • Complementary products, services and solutions that mitigate the impact of high-cost claims
  • Seamless transition from fully insured to self-funded plan structure
  • Effective claims management insight and advocacy