Ironshore Hospital Professional Liability

Together with Allied World Assurance Company, Medical Protective and Ironshore, we transform hospital professional liability insurance into an overall risk improvement performance program to help hospitals and health care systems meet financial and patient safety objectives.

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IronshoreAmWINS Brokerage of the Carolinas is pleased to announce a new Hospital Professional Liability Program for Premier members through Ironshore, an “A, XIV (Excellent)” rated carrier.

This program provides a more enhanced platform, flexibility to engage in lead excess, and the ability to provide additional value within a layered program. 

Ironshore recently launched “Leading Edge” policy form for Hospitals and Integrated Health Systems.

Premier Enhancements

Increased Budget for Risk Management Services

  • Risk Management Dollars – 5% of premium for Premier member hospitals. The standard offering is 2% premium.
  • Outsourced Risk Services – this program uses preferred vendor relationships with risk service providers.
  • Funds can be utilized for various efforts such as ASHRM Scholarships, ECRI Subscriptions, IT Data Analytics, Education, etc.

Premier Exclusive Endorsement

  • All coverage endorsements have been increased to $50,000 for Premier hospitals from the standard offering of $25,000.
    • Evacuation Expense: $50,000
    • Public Relations Expense: $50,000
    • Disinfection Expense: $50,000
    • Abduction: $50,000
    • Personal Information Protection Expense: $50,000
    • Medical Waste Civil Fines: $50,000
    • Legal Defense Expense: $50,000
    • Infectious Disease: $50,000
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Extortion Payment: Options: $25,000 with 25% co-Insurance, or $50,000 with 50% co-Insurance.
  • All coverage parts will include a $5,000 SIR with the exception of the EMR Extortion.

“Leading Edge” Coverage Highlights

  • Emerging Infectious Disease Business Interruption Insurance
    • Up to $3M of additional limit to cover loss of Business Income as a result of an Infectious Disease event (e.g., Ebola) at the insured facility
    • Expiration of the Policy Period will not cut short the Coverage Period for this coverage
  • Government Regulatory Billing Errors & Omissions Insurance
    • $1M of additional limit to defend against regulatory billing claims brought by the government
  • Managed Care Errors & Omissions Coverage
    • Included in the definition of Professional Services to cover a health care entity’s vicarious liability exposure resulting from its involvement in value based contracting and new post ACA shared savings/risk arrangements
  • Full Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • Broad Related Claims Language
  • World-Wide Coverage
  • Charitable Services Professional Liability Coverage
    • Up to $1M of limit for insured individuals who provide charitable medical services anywhere in the world