Care Management

Providing stop-loss carriers, TPAs and self-insured employers added depth to their benefits package with a portfolio of innovative healthcare management solutions.
Two doctors talking in hospital hallway

AmWINS’ team of physicians and nurses offer a full range of care management solutions that help your clients manage costs as well as promote member wellness and ensure appropriate utilization of benefits. And we firmly believe there is a place for traditional care management programs that address routine medical episodes. However, these simple solutions are often ineffective when it comes to complex, catastrophic high dollar cases. AmWINS provides a wide range of care management services designed to help rein in healthcare costs, including our innovative flagship offering, OnSIGHT Health.


OnSIGHT Health

Focusing on the cases that drive the majority of costs through aggressive onsite case assessment and bill negotiation. With OnSIGHT Health:

  • Cases are handled by highly-trained, passionate RN Case Managers
  • We understand the complexities of the healthcare system
  • The focus is on patients and their families and we assist when costs are out of control


Population Health Management

Our whole person approach to disease management that includes all clinical, psychological, and behavioral elements of each person we engage.


Utilization Management

Determine medical necessity and appropriateness – initiate intensified nurse intervention.


Telephonic Case Management

Develop programs and coordinate care for individuals with high disease burden and costs – conditions where health improvement is not likely.


Maternity Management

Deliver valuable education and assistance to expectant mothers, resulting in healthy babies and happy mothers.


Wellness and Health Coaching

Identify unknown health risk of total population.