Middle Market Employee Benefits Solutions

Assisting benefit professionals by providing a variety of niche products, services and technology ideal for the middle market.

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Mid-Market Employee Benefit Specialists

Mid-market clients are a unique challenge: they continue to be impacted by the ACA and consolidation, and large-market brokers continue poaching easy targets. AmWINS Group Benefits helps navigate these complexities by providing access to a variety of products, services and technology offerings helping you become an invaluable resource for your clients. They demand creative solutions with competitive pricing – and we can help you expand your capabilities and increase your speed to market without additional overhead. AmWINS lets you be the distinctive partner your clients need. Because just providing coverage is not enough.

Mid-market employers face a number of challenges, and there isn’t much room for error. Compliance issues are more rigorous than ever. Costs are increasing while value remains flat. A broker or consultant needs to be a good partner that can maximize employee benefit offerings. To do that, they need to take advantage of the latest technology to assess current workforce data, evaluate marketplace options and provide guidance and recommendations throughout the decision-making process. AmWINS Group Benefits is a partner that can tailor solutions to meet those specific needs. 

Employee benefit offerings are much more than a way for employers to make sure their workers get the care they need and deserve. They can also be valuable recruiting tools that a mid-market employer uses to attract and retain good talent. Employers can get their insurance coverage from a variety of sources. A good consultant knows that the value they can add to that relationship will help take them both much farther.