Large Group Employee Benefits Solutions

Assisting benefit professionals by providing a variety of niche products, services and technology ideal for large groups.

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Large Group Benefit Consulting

The bigger the account, the larger the expectation. And we all know exceeding client expectations is no easy feat these days. Keeping compliant, leveraging the right technology and servicing members are all paramount to your success. Some resources you have internally, but there is a time and place to utilize a partner like AmWINS to assist with some of the more specialized needs. AmWINS Group Benefits promises to meet your challenges head on, so you can deliver real value ensuring you keep current clients happy and secure new accounts with ease.

You know your clients’ goals and corporate culture. AmWINS Group Benefits can work with you to realize those objectives. A broker or consultant must be a good partner who can maximize employee benefit offerings. To do that, you need someone to support your business, making it easier to provide the total package to your clients. We are that resource, working to un-complicate the significant shift that has occurred in the benefit space.

Employers can get their insurance coverage from a variety of sources. A good consultant knows that the value they can add to that relationship will help take them both much farther.