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Group Benefit Specialists

The demands on benefits professionals require them to be many things to many people. As hard as you work, there’s always someone waiting to take that away. That’s why brokers and consultants who partner with AmWINS Group Benefits know life is easier. Whether it is an administrative challenge, skyrocketing drug costs, shock claims, retiree benefit liabilities or simply providing ancillary benefit options, we are the single resource for all your clients benefits needs. When you have access to the superior products, services and administrative capabilities we provide, you become a better partner to your clients.

Employee Benefit Product Practices

In the ever changing group benefit landscape, AmWINS Group Benefits has become a lifeline and trusted partner for today's benefit broker and consultant. The division's focus is assisting our clients in transforming their business by offering specialty insurance products for the employee benefit marketplace. Our solutions include capabilities for active and retiree populations and span core, ancillary and voluntary offerings. Our nine product practices include:

  • Retiree Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Self-Funding
  • Cost Containment
  • Administration
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Accident and Liability
  • Outsourcing 


Recent Insights

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On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Economic Impact and Future Outlook


As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, our industry is facing a broad array of challenges that impact insureds of every size and in every industry. In the first of a series of webinars, we hear from an economist on the financial impacts of COVID-19 and what we can expect in the future. This webinar is intended to complement your conversations with clients about how to plan for the next 12 to 24 months.

Group Benefits

Common-Sense Ways for Public Entity Clients to Lower Health Plan Expenses and Reduce Liabilities

Monitoring soaring employee and retiree health benefit costs and providing cost control solutions have never been more important than today in the public sector. Public entities that explore both alternative insurance structures and administrative enhancements can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Group Benefits

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

A common misconception that critical illness insurance is enhanced or supplemental medical coverage for an individual diagnosed with a condition such as cancer differs from the reality that this is a financial benefit.

Group Benefits

Three Key Components that Help Employees on the Path to Wellness and Productivity

Physical, mental and financial burdens add to an employee's stress, impacting wellness and productivity. Savvy employers are taking steps to address these sources of tension with wellness programs.

Group Benefits

ACA Costs and Regulations Drive Self-Funding Down Market

The right self-funded medical plan can provide smaller employers with the same health care advantages already being realized by their larger counterparts. 

Group Benefits

Everything Self-funded Employers Need to Know About Contraception Coverage But Are Afraid to Ask

Given the headlines regarding the issue of providing contraception coverage, brokers may be wondering how their self-funded clients fit into the puzzle. While there is no simple answer, an explanation of how these recent events currently affect self-insured employers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) might shed some light on the situation.

Group Benefits

Four Reasons Why Reference Based Pricing Could Become the Norm for Self-Insured Employer Groups

Ever increasing health care costs are a concern for both employers and their employees today. One of the factors driving health care costs ever skyward is the lack of standardized pricing for services and procedures performed on a daily basis across the country. Closing the gap with reference-based pricing could help reduce that price variance.

Group Benefits

The Six Attributes of a Highly Successful Broker-MGU Relationship

Working with a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) can be one of your most beneficial relationships, helping you build your book while addressing your clients’ major insurance issues. However, selecting the right MGU partner is important. 

Group Benefits

How Less Can Be More for Stop-Loss Insurance Programs

What is a stop-loss coalition? Whether you call it a preferred partner arrangement, stop-loss panel or block consolidation, this arrangement consolidates insurance by reducing the number of vendors used. This strategy, when executed efficiently, comes with a variety of benefits.

Group Benefits

3 Ways Brokers Can Ensure a Positive Insurance Claims Experience for Self-Funded Clients

Experts warn that under the Affordable Care Act, the number of catastrophic losses will only worsen. Brokers need to ask themselves how they can become advocates for and protect the budgets of their self-funded employers as a growing number must pay catastrophic claims?