Product Recall

Protect insureds from the potentially devastating repercussions of a product recall with industry-leading risk management and insurance solutions.

Product Recall

Are your clients recall ready?

Even when safety and quality assurance best practices are followed, the unfortunate truth is that all manufacturers and distributors face the risk of a product recall. The most effective means of protecting a business from a financially damaging recall is a combination of preventative controls and product recall and contamination insurance.

As the frequency and severity of recalls continues to increase due to enhanced testing and traceability as well as regulatory changes, its more critical than ever to partner with a wholesale insurance broker with market knowledge and expertise in this complex space.

Amwins' product recall specialists are recognized as the country’s leading product recall, contamination, and food-borne illness insurance experts. We’re dedicated to helping businesses understand and manage their product recall risks. We partner with retail insurance agents and brokers to provide insurance and risk management solutions for manufacturers and distributors of nearly any product or size.

We specialize in providing product recall insurance coverage for products in the following segments.

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Processing and Distribution
  • Consumer Products and Finished Goods (Food and Non-Food)
  • Automotive Industry (Auto Parts)
  • Restaurants
  • Component Parts

Along with the proper pre-incident and crisis response preparation, our solutions will ensure that your clients are recall ready.