Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Specialized insurance program dedicated to fire sprinkler contractors who design, fabricate, install, test, service, and repair fixed water-type and special hazard suppression systems.

The U.S. fire sprinkler market reached a value of $4.7B in 2020.

Setting up fire sprinkler systems can be a long, arduous process.  Fire sprinkler contractors face unique risks and protecting their interests can be challenging. 

With technological advancements and product innovations, the market for fire sprinklers has increasingly gained traction.  The growing rate of construction of commercial units including offices, retail shops, commercial centers, entertainment centers, hospitals and schools is catalyzing the demand for fire sprinklers in the U.S. 

Amwins Program Underwriters’ Fire Sprinkler Contractors program, SprinklerPro, has serviced the insurance needs of the fire sprinkler industry for more than a decade.  We value expertise and relationships equally - creating partnerships that deliver and last.  Because your challenges are our privilege.  And when you win, we all win.

The appetite for the program includes fire sprinkler contractors that design, fabricate, install, test, service and repair sprinkler suppression systems including pre-action or deluge water systems, and systems utilizing halon, inergen, FM 200, foam, or CO2.

(minimum premium: $25,000)


This program is available in all U.S. states, except: HI, New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island boroughs); Nassau County, NY and Suffolk County, NY


  • General liability  - $1M/$2M limits
  • Professional liability
  • Contractors pollution liability including microbial substance (mold / fungus)
  • Umbrella/excess liability – follow form over primary including pollution, microbial substance and professional liability to $15M limits

Program highlights

  • Blanket additional insured including primary and not contributing
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation
  • Blanket per project aggregate
  • No exclusion or limitation endorsement for residential or CPVC work


A.M. Best Rated A+ 

Submission requirements

  • Completed industry standard applications
  • SprinklerPro supplemental application
  • Current and four years prior loss Information
  • Current financial statement
  • Project list showing top 10 jobs within the past three years


Rob Best
Associate Director, SprinklerPro
Amwins Program Underwriters - Camp Hill, PA
Lorri Bowers
Senior Program Underwriter, SprinklerPro
Amwins Program Underwriters - Camp Hill, PA