Partner with AmWINS

Joining the AmWINS family means you and your team become an integral part of our 150-year vision.


A Two-Way Commitment

It’s cliché but it’s true - to make a successful partnership, it’s got to be a win-win. 
At AmWINS, we believe there are many tenets to a successful partnership. 


150 Year Vision

One of our mottos is “Independence Matters.” That’s why we set a goal, a 150 year vision, of building a company that will span multiple generations.  When you partner with us, you can rest assured, there is no “man behind the curtain” and that we are in control of our own destiny. Our independent business model and diversified revenue supports our long-term vision  Additionally, our capital structure is reflective of our 150 year vision, as our firm is owned 100% by employee shareholders and institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon.

Buying In

When we meet with potential acquisition partners, we always talk about “buying in, not selling out.” With our sights on a 150 year vision, we want partners who are aligned with our goals.  And with approximately 725 employee shareholders owning more than 40% of the firm, we are all “bought in.”  Additionally, we have a fundamental belief that all of our shareholders are equal.  To that end, there is no preferred equity in our capital structure.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to partner with entrepreneurs who built their businesses from scratch. AmWINS also started from humble beginnings as Steve and Scott famously used to drive from Charlotte to Greensboro only to fly back to Charlotte to get to places because it was cheaper than a direct flight. To this day, we continue to be mindful of our expenses because we know how hard our brokers and underwriters work to earn a dollar of revenue. We also acknowledge that generally people “hate the home office” which is why we call our corporate resources the Group Support Team or GST. At AmWINS, GST is composed of “pleasers” whose primary purpose is to provide the traditional corporate functions (e.g. payroll, benefits, legal, IT and general ledger accounting, etc) to support our operating companies. Even as the company has grown, we work very hard to retain our entrepreneurial spirit and prevent bureaucracy from creeping into the firm.

There’s a Better Way

We have a tremendous amount of respect for entrepreneurs, and everything we do is designed to help grow the businesses that we acquire. Another one of our mottos is “There’s a Better Way.” This motto has many applications, one of which is that we challenge the status quo and push ourselves to outpace the competition.  Through our acquisition strategy, we have evaluated a lot of “ways” and often learned from those that we partner with which has helped us develop and fine tune the AmWINS Way.

Our Responsibility

While AmWINS has grown to over 5,400 employees, structurally we remain a flat organization where senior management is highly accessible and engaged, and leadership remains local. We work with you to make the transition to the AmWINS family as seamless as possible.  In our typical acquisition scenario, the leadership team remains in charge of the acquired business with the benefit of scale and tools from AmWINS.  This allows you to focus on business development and ensure a more stable future for your employees and their families. We care a lot for our employees, and that’s why we say “we pay our employees first.”  To that end, we feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to the families that we support with over $618 million of payroll and benefits.

Joining AmWINS Gives You


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with the financial support of a stable and well-funded parent company whose conservative capital structure has earned a B+ S&P rating and B2 Moody’s rating


Deep relationships with carriers and access to new markets and program development

Broader Distribution

Trading relationships with over 23,000 retail agencies and ability to target your marketing efforts

Exclusive Solutions

Ability to provide clients and employees with access to additional product solutions including exclusive and proprietary products


Our commitment to independence and tools including technology, actuarial services, marketing and training & development

Enjoyable Workplace

Flat organizational structure – proven senior management who care about creating a great company and an enjoyable work environment

A True Partnership

When you partner with AmWINS, you become part of the AmWINS family.



companies acquired



individual employee shareholders



of shareholders are AmWINS employees



share price increase since 2002



cash and equity used for M&A



cash returned to our employee shareholders

Our Culture

Culture is a critical component of what makes AmWINS unique. While our heritage is comprised of many companies that we’ve acquired, our culture is very clearly AmWINS. We work as one team committed to collaboration, teamwork, and never settling for the status quo.

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At AmWINS, we don’t view the transaction as an “acquisition,” rather we truly view it as a partnership.  Our track record speaks for itself and the best way to test our rhetoric is to speak with the principals who have partnered with us over the years.

Partnership Timeline

We have acquired 45 companies since June 2002.  We believe that our knowledge of the industry, independent platform, diversified product offering and acquisition experience make AmWINS an ideal strategic partner.