About PRMA

AmWINS Brokerage of Georgia has an exclusive agreement with Property Risk Management Association (“PRMA”)

Blanket All Risk Property Program Features Include

  • All risk manuscript form
  • All real and personal property
  • Actual loss sustained as respects loss of rental value including 365-day extended period of indemnity
  • Building ordinance including contingent liability; demolition and increased cost of construction
  • Includes sprinkler leakage
  • Replacement cost if repaired or replaced
  • No coinsurance
  • Includes terrorism coverage
  • Quarterly adjustment for adds/deletes
  • Non-admitted, A.M. Best A- through A+ rated carrier(s)


Program Qualifications

  • Owners, operators and managers of all classes of real estate
  • Continental U.S. exposures
  • Exposures complement the existing PRMA pool
  • Meet all submission requirements
  • TIV greater than $100M
  • Adequate replacement cost values


Major Property Exclusions

  • Earthquake in California


Accessing PRMA

PRMA is accessible exclusively via AmWINS brokers. To access PRMA, contact your current AmWINS property broker. If you do not have and AmWINS property broker, contact Tom Tio with AmWINS Brokerage of Georgia at tom.tio@amwins.com or 404.920.3670.


Submission Requirements

  • Statement of value including COPE
  • Currently valued asset-specific (not ownership-specific) loss runs (five years preferred)
  • Details on large claims will be requested. If a deductible is involved, please indicate whether the amounts shown are gross (“ground up”), or net of the deductible
  • All key property locations will be inspected to verify submitted information is accurate