AmWINS "Day of Service" Helps Charities and Communities Near Offices Across the Country

Sep 30, 2011

AmWINS recently embarked on a company-wide community service initiative, focusing on the challenges faced by AmWINS employees’ communities. As part of the effort, employees from 24 offices across the U.S. dedicated a day of service to a charity or community event of their choice throughout the month of August. AmWINS has already been active in philanthropy, raising more than a quarter of a million dollars within the last year for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, but the company’s “Day of Service” (which will be an annual initiative) gave employees the chance to give back in smaller groups to the communities where they live and work.

Ultimately, nearly 750 employees participated, impacting 30+ communities. Some of the projects employees assisted with included:

  • Gathering and preparing thousands of pounds of food for local food banks
  • Repairing and beautifying senior centers, childcare centers, children's zoos, community centers, and public schools in underprivileged areas
  • Donating time and supplies to animal hospitals and the Humane Society
  • Welcoming home troops returning from active duty
  • Participating in fundraising events for charity

AmWINS Group CEO Steve DeCarlo clarified that, despite the emphasis on a devoting a single day to give back, the events are not merely a once-and-done effort.  "Community service and charitable efforts are part of our company’s culture. Being mindful of the needs of our communities and the impact we can have closer to home is an important part of AmWINS’ mission, vision and principles.”