Benefit Program Management


Depth and expertise in program management.

Amwins Accident & Health Underwriters can assist with assessing a partner’s risk sharing tolerance as well as the selection of an established reinsurance partner. We can also provide guidance and support in the development and filing of contract forms. Our comprehensive premium and claims accounting and reporting are best in class. Our partners can expect customized service to ensure their business needs are met. Our focus is on our partners’ success.

Our customized solutions include fulfilling other specialized needs as well, such as:

  • Facultative reinsurance placement
  • Support for all aspects of stop-loss administrative services only (ASO) programs
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans
  • Aggregate-only stop-loss underwriting
  • Impactful cost management programs that help conserve plan assets
  • Limited Benefit, Gap, Accident and other supplement plans 


Our services:

Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all business. There are many situations where traditional healthcare products do not fit the client’s needs. In response to market demand, we have developed fully-insured limited benefit health plans and self-funded MEC plans to help fill the coverage gap in certain instances.

Limited Benefit Health Plans

We offer limited medical plans with a wide range of available benefit structures. These plans can provide supplemental or basic coverage at costs more affordable to most buyers.

Employers & Associations

We can develop plans and programs to serve both the employer and association markets. Limited benefit plans are an attractive benefit for employers; that can be offered on a contributory or voluntary basis. These plans can also help associations provide more value to their members looking to supplement their healthcare coverage.

MEC Plans

We have developed compliant and affordable self-funded MEC plans that offer the most basic level of benefits required under the Affordable Care Act. The approach enables organizations to satisfy one part of the employer mandate and avoid paying the $2,880 assessment per employee for failing to offer full-time employees qualifying health coverage. Not only do the plans assist employers in avoiding fees, they also provide employees access to insurance for important preventive care.


Coalition development capabilities

With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, retailers are realizing the role self-funding and stop loss play in assisting clients in bending the healthcare cost curve. We can assist retail partners in developing stop loss coalitions.

Designing and implementing a preferred provider relationship can be complicated. We can assist with:

  • Defining coalition terms
  • Contracting with carriers and reinsurers
  • Managing the quoting and renewal process
  • Customized reporting
  • Profitability strategies
  • Internal accounting controls


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